Fall 2017 Officers

President - Chase Jones crj41@txstate.edu

Treasurer - Jarvis Price jdp125@txstate.edu

AGC Ambassador - Brian Giang btg11@txstate.edu

NAHB Ambassador - Aaron Lopez ael71@txstate.edu

IT/Social Media Coordinator - Lauren Odle leo18@txstate.edu 

Boko's Development - Daniel Hesse drh145@txstate.edu

Vice President -  Riley Oldmixon rdo14@txstate.edu

Secretary - Ty Vasek tdv11@txstate.edu

ABC Ambassador - Sam Haynie sph42@txstate.edu

Community Outreach - Hector Loredo hector.loredo@txstate.edu 

Special Events - Garrett Whitaker gmw37@txstate.edu

Continuing Education - Jacob Pruski jap274@txstate.edu

About The Officers

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President - Chase Jones

Responsible for overseeing all activities within the organization and acts as the main point of contact for communication between the CSA and outside organizations/employers.

Contact: crj41@txstate.edu


Vice President - Riley Oldmixon

Hometown: Wimberley, Texas

Gradation: May 2018

Field of Interest: Luxury Residential

Past Experience: 2017 Internship with Streetlights Residential and 8+ years working for subcontractors

Previous Positions: Special Events Coordinator

Tasks: Assists President with organization and decision making. Also plays a large role in reaching out to employers and other organizations.

Contact: rdo14@txstate.edu


Treasurer - Jarvis Price

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Graduation: December 2018

Field of Interest: Residential

Past Experience: Internship with Westin Homes

Previous Positions: Communications

Tasks: Responsible for managing CSA budgets and expenses. Any purchases made must get the Treasurer’s approval first.

Contact: jdp125@txstate.edu



Secretary - Ty Vasek

Keeps the CSA organized by taking meeting minutes, sending emails, organizing event summaries etc.

Contact: tdv11@txstate.edu


AGC Ambassador - Brian Giang

Main point of communication between CSA and AGC. Brings the rest of the officers and students any information on events, meetings and volunteer opportunities throughout the semester.


Contact: btg11@txstate.edu


ABC Ambassador - Sam Haynie

Main point of communication between CSA and ABC. Brings the rest of the officers and students any information on events, meetings and volunteer opportunities throughout the semester.

Contact: sph42@txstate.edu


NAHB Ambassador - Aaron Lopez

Hometown: San Diego, California

Graduation: Spring 2019

Field of Interest: Residential or Commercial

Past Experience: Combat Engineer in the US Army

Tasks: Main point of communication between CSA and NAHB. Brings the rest of the officers and students any information on events, meetings and volunteer opportunities throughout the semester.

Contact: ael71@txstate.edu


Community Outreach - Hector Loredo

Will organize and seek out volunteer opportunities for the CSA. Main responsibility includes ramp builds, but should be seeking out new projects and assist with Boko’s Builders in the spring.

Contact: hector.loredo@txstate.edu


Special Events - Garrett Whitaker


Hometown: Midland, Texas

Graduation: May 2018

Field of Interest: Commercial

Past Experience: Two Summer Superintendent Internships with Beck

Tasks: Responsible for organizing budgets and logistics for any larger events CSA hosts. Main events will include tailgates during the fall semester and the golf tournament during the spring semester.

Contact: gmw37@txstate.edu


Social Media/IT - Lauren Odle

Responsible for maintaining the CSA social media presence including website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. This includes the responsibility that photos are taken at each event for documentation purposes.

Contact: leo18@txstate.edu


Boko's Development - Daniel Hesse

Responsible for spearheading the Boko's Builder planning process and communicating with students involved in order to best prepare them for the Spring. This officer is directly responsible for the committee members and their success.

Contact: drh145@txstate.edu


Continuing Education - Jacob Pruski

Hometown: Falls City, Texas

Graduation: Fall 2020

Field of Interest: Heavy Civil, Industrial or Commercial

Past Experience: Works with his family's construction business

Tasks: Getting face to face time outside of classes with current student body and alumni with the goal of building and maintaining relationships. This includes any events aimed towards the student body on campus or alumni/CSA sponsored events.

Contact: jap274@txstate.edu

   Vivek Sharma - Faculty Adviser    vs23@txstate.edu

   Vivek Sharma - Faculty Adviser



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